Monday, May 6, 2013

Wanderlei Silva is the most fan friendly fighter

Wanderlei Silva is the most fan friendly fighter in the world. The reason is firstly of course he is extremely friendly with fans and considers them friends as opposed to admirers. Secondly, his style of fighting is geared towards pleasing fans. He goes out there with no concern at all for his well being and brain cells and just charges forward aggressively looking to get the knockout. Even though he has been knocked out in the process of doing this in the past, he still does the same thing and finds ways to finish great opponents such as Cung Le and Brian Stann. He is focussed on making sure he puts on an entertaining show for fans and realizes they pay good money and take time out of their lives to watch him compete. He innately realizes that the fans of the sport are his employees and treats them like gold.

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