Monday, May 6, 2013

Anderson Silva fined 50 grand by UFC for no-showing to media duties

It's not just Nick Diaz who doesn't show up to media events, add UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva to that list.

Silva was supposed to do a full day of media in Los Angeles today to promote the UFC 162 tickets being on sale for his fight with Chris Weidman, which takes place on July 6th. So the UFC has fined Silva $50,000 for not making the event. For Silva, he probably is happy with paying the fine and not coming along to do the media duties; I don't think it's too much of a thrill for any fighter to go out and speak with the media. The days of a couple media outlets wanting to speak with MMA fighters and the athletes being interested in promoting themselves and the sport are over. There is a growing hatred of fighters towards the media and media obligations, so it's no surprise that a no-show like this would happen.

However, the UFC does lose out big on Silva not doing this media. Granted Silva really doesn't give the media much to work with in that he is respectful and not very candid with his opinions and doesn't speak English, despite Chael Sonnen's claims it is perfect. When Silva does say things, it's often to screw with the media and mislead them. He's said everything from he would not fight Chael Sonnen for a second time, he'll fight Roy Jones in boxing, box in boxing for the Olympics, he wants to do Tae Kwon Do in the Olympics, and that he won't fight Chris Weidman. Despite that, it still would get Silva's picture in the news and major media to promote the sale of tickets for UFC 162. While Silva isn't a media savvy fighter, he is one of the biggest names in the game and he is the selling point of this fight. Chris Weidman is well-known among hardcore fans and a great fighter, but the average person will have no clue who he is. However, the average guy will have an understanding of Anderson Silva.

So Silva is fined 50 grand and I'm sure he could care less because with his salary and sponsorships, it doesn't mean much at all. However, the people who will take notice is all the other fighters to whom 50 grand is a massive amount of cash to lose out on and will make sure they meet every media obligation and put on a Colgate smile for the cameras.

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