Monday, May 6, 2013

Gray Maynard vs Benson Henderson on the horizon

Will Gray Maynard be the next UFC lightweight champion? He has a pretty good shot. But first he needs to get through Canadian standout TJ Grant, who is looking to defeat Maynard and set himself up for a shot to become Canada's first lightweight champion of the UFC. The winner of Grant versus Maynard will take on Ben Henderson for the UFC lightweight title.

Maynard and Grant have good standup and will be fairly even on the feet, but I think Maynard's strong takedowns will be able to earn him a lot of points in this fight. More than likely it'll go the distance, barring one of them lands their power shots with their punches. So expect a decision for Gray Maynard and that would set up a fight between Maynard and Henderson.

Henderson is very well rounded and fluid moving from technique to technique. He has a lot of heart, will, skill, and cardio. Maynard has big punching power which will serve him well, but his wrestling is so good that he might be able to get Benson Henderson on his back several times in their fight. I think Maynard has a heck of a shot to get that belt in his third chance (two already versus Frankie Edgar). We may have a new UFC lightweight champion in Gray Maynard by the end of the year.

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