Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chael Sonnen fools TMZ into thinking he's buying WWE

Chael Sonnen, mixed martial arts most prominent troll, got to believe that he's interested in purchasing the WWE. Typically trolls aren't top contenders in the UFC, but rather keyboard warriors angrily venting at successful people around them. But Sonnen finds ways to get out there in the media and understands how to work the media to get headlines. Making outlandish statements, calling out people, saying controversial things about controversial people, and getting people riled up. Sonnen is an ass-kicker by also a brilliant mind when it comes to public relations. He can easily be one of the best PR stunt people if he chose to move into that area after fighting.

As far as fighting goes he will likely take on Wanderlei Silva next. Once again, this is great marketin by himself. At the post fight press conference after UFC 159 he quickly started insulting Wanderlei Silva out of the blue to get his name out there for his next fight. Wandrerlei evidently has taken the bait and is interested in trying to put a beating on the man from West Linn, Oregon, who has the greatest charm, the biggest arms, and does a lot of harm in the UFC Octagon.

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