Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rory MacDonald a UFC champ soon?

Georges St-Pierre will be taking on Johny Hendricks next and Rory MacDonald will take on Jake Ellenberger in his next bout. Many are confident Rory will prevail in his fight and there is a strong contingent of MMA fans who think that Hendricks' left will connect at some point in his fight with GSP and Hendricks will win.

If that does take place then all of a sudden Rory MacDonald might be the number on contender for the belt. If that is the case I think GSP will do the unselfish thing and let Rory fight for the title and get his shot. So this is not that far-fetched a scenario, if these two fights pan out in this way expect a chance that Rory MacDonald is a champion within his next two fights.

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