Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Will a male UFC fighter ever come out of the closet and admit he's gay?

I think at some point this will happen. A UFC fighter will come out as being gay. It might be any time soon, but at some point it will happen and would be very interesting to see. It'd be something that would really show people's true feelings on the subject of homosexuality amongst the MMA community. I'm sure most would be cool and have no problem, but a lot of people's true opinions would come out and would be interesting to see.

Moreso it would be interesting to see how people react to fighting a gay male. They would have the extra pressure of not losing to someone who is gay, even though that is a ridiculous thought in this day and age, it's still in the back of the fighter's mind. There would be rampant gay jokes due to the amounts of homo-erotic movements in jiu-jitsu, and it would be something that would definitely make a lot of people reconsider how they view homosexual men and gay athletes. I think it would definitely be a hard thing to do for a man to come out as an MMA fighter while still fighting because the over the top bravado aspect of the game, but at the same time I'm sure he would be welcomed. Fighters have been supportive to the gay community like Conor McGregor and Rashad Evans, and generally MMA is a very new sport with a fresh outlook on things. Whether or not it will happen in our life time we don't know, but look forward to seeing a gay fighter come out one day in the UFC. Surely there have been some. We just have to wait and see if someone can tap into that courage that they have to step in the cage and also apply that same courage to show the world who they are.

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