Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Are UFC fans a bunch of racists and that's why they don't like Jon Jones?

Are a lot of UFC fans racist? Sure. Just like the rest of the population. But it's just a human thing. We have anger, pain, suffering, and hate that lives inside of us. If it wasn't colour it'd be the shoes you wear or the size of your eyebrows. White people hate other white people, blacks hate blacks, Indians hate Indians, and Chinese hate Chinese.

As far as the UFC fan base, there are some who couldn't care less about what colour the UFC champion is, but there are some that do. And if you looked at some of the fan-base of Chael Sonnen, some were non-discriminating folk who just enjoyed his sense of humour and entertaining diatribes. Then there were others who wanted to see the white man ground and pound the black man in Anderson Silva. Didn't work out for them there, but you could just sense that that was there sentiment.

As far as Jon Jones, there's a lot of differing opinion on why you like him and don't. The can range from:

-Like because he's a great fighter
-Everyone loves a winner, so we love him
-Like him because he's black

-Don't like him because he's "cocky"
-Don't like him because he's "fake"
-Don't like him because he's black

There are a million reasons to like and dislike someone. Are some of those reasons racist? Sure. Some blacks like him because he's black and want to support there own. Some whites don't like him because he's black and don't like black people. Joe Rogan brought this to the forefront on his podcast, but it just speaks to the racist sentiment that lives in the United States and the rest of the world as well. Whether it's throwing banana peels at black soccer players in Europe or getting together with your white friends to see a black fighter get beat up. In the end it doesn't have to be that personal. We don't need to obsess about Jon Jones personality and race, but just look at him as a great athlete. And nobody is on top forever. So if you don't like him, don't worry, there will be a new champ one day. And if it's a white champion who you idolize, realize that he is going to go down one day as well. Just enjoy the show and admire the heart, passion, and athleticism, regardless of race.

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