Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UFC should hire Jimmy Smith if Joe Rogan quits / retires / leaves the UFC

Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith is someone that the UFC should hire. He has a lot of MMA knowledge, has fought, and has a strong voice and opinions. He has received high praise from many, including Joe Rogan, who tried to get him hired by the UFC. Kudos to Rogan for doing that to help out someone who is in the same field as him. If Rogan does leave his commentating job one day, it'd make sense for the UFC to hire Jimmy Smith. Rogan loves MMA and commentating, and did it for free for Dana White back in the day. But he has so much stuff going on with his life with stand up and podcasting, that one day he might just end up leaving the gig. That'd be sad to not hear him commentate, but if someone does replace him a guy like Jimmy Smith would be great. Or a Bas Rutten. And on a side note, a guy like Frank Mir is terrific as well as someone to fill in from time to time.

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