Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why do MMA fighters fight?

Mixed martial artists fight for a variety of reasons. Some fighters fight because they were involved with martial arts and segued into mixed martial arts. Some fighters fight because they were in wrestling programs and after they wanted to pursue a career that involved wrestling that wasn't professional wrestling. Some fighters fight because they are athletic competitors. Some fighters fight for money. Some fighters fight for fame. But one reason why a lot of MMA fighters fight is because they came from broken homes. And oftentimes more specifically they have father issues.

Issues with their fathers include a variety of things. It might be an absentee father who was never around growing up. It may be a dad who treated them terribly with abuse. But if you look at a lot of fighters in the mixed martial arts landscape there is a common thread among many and that is that they have had problems with their fathers growing up. Nonetheless, mixed martial arts has transformed many individuals into wonderful people and turned them into fully functional members of society.

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