Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Fighters who get better as the fight goes on

Some fighters weaken as the fight progresses, and then there are some who seem to get stronger as the fight goes on. Here are five that tend to improve as the minutes wind down in a contest.

Diego Sanchez

Diego has so much heart and cardio that he really can use that as a weapon the later stages of a fight. He has an iron-will and is willing to just take punches and keep walking forward and not show signs of fatigue as the fight goes on. Even if tiredness is setting in he keeps going forward with his heart and outlasts so many opponents as a result.

Michael Bisping

Bisping trains so hard and it shows in his fights. He gets better as the fight goes on in terms of picking apart his opponent's tendencies and also in terms of being able to beat them in the cardio game.

Carlos Condit

Condit is a warrior that trains so hard is so intense in his desire to finish his opponent that he really wears on people as the fight goes on. Like he did with Rory MacDonald and Johny Hendricks, he turned it into high gear in the third round of those fights and finished MacDonald. Also, Condit came close to finished GSP in the same manner.

Rich Franklin

Franklin like Bisping is highly conditioned and gets increasingly stronger and more comfortable as a fight progresses. He was able to endure fights with Wanderlei Silva and defeat Wand in their second battle because of superior cardio and ability to improve as the fight progressed.

Nick Diaz

Diaz regularly does triathlons and has some of the best cardio in the game. Nick Diaz is an endurance athlete and nothing his opponents throw at him seems to be able to stop him. Diaz keeps coming forward at a frantic pace and really drives people into lower gas tank levels and messes wit their confidence.

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