Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best Asian MMA fighter in the world

Yushin Okami is a terrific 185er in the UFC middleweight division, and might be champ if Anderson Silva wasn't around. However, I wouldn't saw that he's the number one Asian fighter in MMA, I'd put him as a very close number two. Number three would be Shinya Aoki, the submission wizard out of Japan. However, the number one Asian MMA fighter in the world is UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung, AKA the Korean Zombie. The Zombie gets the number one nod not just because he is arguably the number one contender for Jose Aldo's title, but also because he is incredibly exciting. Okami is a great fighter but has a very stifling style that involves outmuscling and working his opponent from the clinch and blanketing and landing some shots here and there to get a judges' decision. Korean Zombie however is much more exciting as seen from his battle with Leonard Garcia that was unbelievable, and the rematch just as exciting with the Twister submission finish. Then Zombie goes on to KO Mark Hominick in a record seven seconds, and then has an amazing fight where he finishes Dustin Poirier. The Korean Zombie is a finisher, very exciting, and a strong threat for the 145 pound title for the UFC. And he is the greatest Asian mixed martial artist in the world.

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