Thursday, December 24, 2015

Frankie Edgar vs Conor McGregor prediction for UFC featherweight title

This fight will either be a decision for Frankie or a knockout for Conor. Flip a coin and take a guess. Give a slight edge to Frankie 51% to 49% for Conor. Frankie doesn't stand in a still position when he strikes, he's always using footwork to stay away from what is needed to be stayed away from (the big left in Conor's case). Plus he'll get takedowns when he wants to get takedowns and wear on Conor. Conor is dangerous in the first 5 seconds and last in a fight with that big left, so he could get a KO at any time. But he will have to knock out Frankie to win, the kid just has too much heart to stop otherwise. McGregor is always a shot away from finishing things, but Edgar by decision. Possibly even 50-45, because styles make fights and while Conor is much bigger threat to stop the fight with that big left, the takedowns of Edgar could win him every round. Even if it's not by a big margin.

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